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What is Liverpool missing? This is what you want to add to our city


A world class city of music, culture, architecture and amazing nightlife, but does Liverpool have it all?

We love nothing more than picking your brains about what you think Liverpool is and should be. Social media is a great place to talk about whats going on in and around the city and what you think about it.

Back in the summer, when we were enjoying long, warm days in the beer gardens, waterfront and parks, going to gigs, dancing til it got light again and enjoying a string of hugely successful festivals, we asked you, what is Liverpool missing?


The replies were varied and really interesting. From high end shops to train stations, outdoor swimming pools and Hooters! What do you think the city needs?

Here’s 10 of the best answers to our question, what is Liverpool missing?

Hard Rock Cafe

Okay so first up we posed the question, why hasn’t our amazingly musical city got its own Hard Rock Cafe? Imagine the memorabilia, the celeb visits, the Instastories! One tweet suggested the Lyceum building on Bold Street would make a brilliant Hard Rock location.

Trams, Cable Cars and Anfield Station

Lots of the responses to our tweet were about traffic and travel. Some suggested bringing back the dock over head railway, or link the proposed Bramley Moore Dock development to the city and Baltic with a tram system. One tweet floated the idea (sorry) or cable cars from Liverpool Cathedral to China Town and down to the water front!

It wasn’t surprising to see footy fans weighing in on the conversation. There’s a lot of call for a train station for Anfield which would be a big bonus on match days and for a direct train link to Liverpool John Lennon Airport too.


Liverpool loves its designer labels and you said a big department store like Selfridges would do really well in our city. With the nearest store in Manchester, we could have easy access to all our favourite, high end brands, all under one roof.

A Museum of Comedy

A Ken Dodd Quarter of the city and A Museum of Comedy gained some love on Twitter. Merseyside has and continues to produce some of the most revered comics in the country. A museum celebrating the best gags, phenomenal careers and inspiring stories of the like of Sir Ken Dodd, John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson, Eithne Brown, Lily Savage and more, all under one, laughter-filled roof.

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Homeless Care


Some of our Twitter followers were more concerned with improving the quality of life in the city instead of opening bars and restaurants. Julie Henderson said: “Permanent and accessible beds/centres for the genuinely homeless. Clean up the streets we have, never mind adding more stuff.”

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Liverpool Lido

Imagine if the city had a free, outdoor swimming pool, lido or splash pool for everyone to enjoy, like this one in Devon! As much as the kids have a ball running in the William Square and Liverpool ONE fountains, a paddling pool or lido on the waterfront, maybe along Otterspool, would be a brilliant addition to summer days with the family. All we need now, is the weather!



Liverpool is truly blessed with parks and green spaces, but we’d never say no to even more! Some replied to our Twitter question saying more trees are needed, especially around the city centre. Another said fully pedestrianising Castle Street – maybe the two could go together to create a green avenue to the Town Hall?

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Every major city needs a restaurant and bar chain which employs scantily clad women wearing tight owl t shirts, right? Hooters got a mention (or three) in response to our Twitter question and while we’re all about supporting women living their best life in whatever industry they choose, we can’t help but think our city is doing sound without this particular American restaurant chain. We bet it would be chokker busy at first though.

Ice Rink


Liverpool used to have an ice rink. The Palace Ice Rink opened in Kensington in 1931 and proved hugely popular until it closed in 1986. The Christmas Ice Festival at Pier Head brings ice skating back to the city each winter but our nearest rinks outside of this time is Widnes or Deeside. Imagine redeveloping Festival Gardens, (which also received a number of mentions in the Twitter thread) to bring back Pleasure Island with a brand new Ice Rink too!

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Nothing, it’s perfect


We loved the simple yet effective tweet from Clarkey Blue Eyes who simply said: “Nothing, it’s perfect.”

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