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You can get free online football coaching for the kids thanks to HYPE Merseyside


HYPE Merseyside is a Birkenhead-based social enterprise and has launched free daily online football skills sessions, to help keep children active throughout the third national lockdown.

HYPE Merseyside, is inviting children of all ages to join the free football skills sessions which are being broadcast live twice daily via its Facebook page, HYPEMerseyside. All exercises in the thirty-minute session can be completed indoors or outdoors, in a space of about one metre squared and the only equipment required is a football.

The sessions, which take place at 10am and 12.30pm (Monday – Friday) are delivered by two FA-qualified coaches, Matthew Houghton, who is also the Chief Executive at HYPE Merseyside, and Rory Wilson, who has five years of experience working with children at a grassroots level. In the initiative’s first week, the team welcomed more than 2500 participants across 10 sessions.

Sessions are recorded live at HYPE Merseyside’s HQ in the Grand Entrance Building at Birkenhead Park, with daily sessions remaining online until the following morning, so children who may be attending school can do them when they get home.

Matthew Houghton, from HYPE Merseyside, said: “Going straight into lockdown after the Christmas holiday has been a real challenge for so many families. I know from personal experience with my own children that encouraging them to get active or get outdoors can be extremely difficult, especially after a long break.

“We know so many parents who are juggling the pressures of working from home and homeschooling and we wanted to create something that would benefit the wellbeing of children across the region – and indeed the country – as well as giving parents a window of reprieve in the day.

“We know there are many paid-for courses like ours online, but we are aware that not everyone can afford, particularly given the financial instability the pandemic has caused. We wanted the opportunity to be available to all so we can keep kids across the region active until this lockdown ends.”

As well as providing the skills session, there are opportunities for kids to win prizes, by answering a question shared at the end of each Facebook Live. Goodies up for grabs include Nike Premier League footballs and football shirts.

To join a live session, simply go to HYPE Merseyside’s Facebook page at 10am or 12.30pm on weekdays. If you are unable to join the live session, you can follow the latest recording, which will also be hosted on the organisation’s Facebook page.

To find out more about the online football skills sessions, visit the website here.

For more information about HYPE Merseyside, visit the website here.

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