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10 Different Drinks In 10 Different Liverpool Bars

7 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

10 Different Drinks In 10 Different Liverpool Bars

By Alex Dop

We’ve all been there; stood at the bar on a night out wondering what to order. Who knew that too much choice would be a bad thing? You then find yourself ordering the same old lack lustre beverage with the prefix “Oh, I’ll just have…” STOP! With this list, you will never ‘just have’ ever again!

Gin – The Botanical Gardens: 49 New Bird St.


Now we’re starting strong here, however we must point out that this particular venue has closed it’s doors now for the winter and opens it’s big colourful doors again in March.  I, myself, am a lover of gin, meaning that I am immediately sold from the word go on this place, so we still had to include it (because in my opinion there is no venue better serving up gin in Liverpool). This place is not just about the drinks, its D.I.Y décor feels right at home, tucked away in the Baltic Triangle. The mismatched furniture and the open feel of the whole space will correlate with any gin drinker. If the rumours about those who love gin are true, then The Botanical Gardens is a perfect HQ! Get March boxed off in your diary now, I for one can’t wait for its return. Keep up to date with the team on their Facebook page here.


Whiskey – Berry and Rye: 48 Berry St, Liverpool L1 4JQ


Whiskey is another acquired taste for most, especially as you surpass the standard JD and Coke. Well, although McKenzie’s, just off Hardman Street, is a fantastic choice for whiskey lovers; I have chosen something a little different. Berry and Rye is a speakeasy style bar on Berry Street; simply just a black door that you knock on to enter. Once inside the 1920s feel of the place is intoxicating as the space is so intimate. Apart from making the night more interesting, Berry and Rye has an amazing set of whiskey cocktails for you to choose from, my personal favourite being a good old fashioned…Old Fashioned. Get following Berry & Rye on Twitter for regular updates and photos from the venue.


Rum – Smugglers Cove: Britannia Pavillion Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

Similar to my predicament with choosing a whiskey bar, rum is clearly a popular drink in our city. For bigger nights out I would recommend Aloha or Rhum, obviously, however if what you’re after is choice, then look no further than Smugglers Cove. Situated on the Albert Dock, Smugglers Cove has pirate theme done in a subtler, classier way than the word ‘pirate’ might suggest. The choice of rum, and rum cocktails, is almost endless and very informative. Smugglers Cove actually holds the World Record for the most amount of different rhum’s on offer. Plus, you can order a treasure chest sharing cocktails that contains 5 different types of rum, if I’m not mistaken. Forgive me if I am, but your memory can get a little hazy after one of them. Full menu and all the info you need on the Smugglers Cove website.

Ale – Brew Dog: Manolis Yard, 8 Colquitt St, Liverpool L1 4DE


If you were thinking that list was going to only include spirits then how wrong you are. Different types of beer and ale have been becoming more and more popular over recent years (maybe it has something to do with the increase in beards). Most bars and pubs are gathering a more eclectic range of beers, however Brew Dog trumps them all. The Brew Dog brand is known for its variety and versatility and, this is all brought together in Brew Dog Liverpool. If the choice isn’t enough to pull you in for a drink, maybe these added extras will: First of all, there are tonnes of board games to play whilst you sample the many different types of ale. Secondly, as the season grows colder and more festive, Brew Dog introduces mulled ales and ciders. This is the perfect little stop off on your way home from a spot of Christmas shopping. Brew Dog event listings and more on their Facebook page.


Vodka – Revolution: Fleet St / Wood St / Albert Dock / Temple Ct.

Revolution, Albert Dock

Revolution, Albert Dock

There is only ever going to be one winner when it comes to finding the best vodka in Liverpool. With four Vodka Revolutions in the city, lovers of the distilled beverage can make regular stops on a night out to quench their craving. Classy décor matches the clear drink beautifully and, as with most places on this list, the choice within the one type of alcohol is massive. If vodka cocktails are what you seek, look no further, there are countless flavours and combinations under one roof. Or four, as the case may be. Discounts & more no the website here.


Wine – City Wine Bar: City Buildings, 21-23 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9BS


Now, this place is gorgeous! There isn’t a better space, or atmosphere, to enjoy a glass of wine in the city. It. Is. Gorgeous!

The wine list is extensive and includes wines from all over the world. And, if your friends aren’t picked from the same vine as yourself, or you are in the mood to try something different, there are of course alternatives, including some mouth-watering, wine based cocktails. I didn’t even know they were a ‘thing’. Check out the City Wine Bar Facebook page and get booking your table!


Bubbly – Carpathia Rooftop: Albion House, 30 James St, Liverpool L2 0NJ


Now, I know I said this about City Wine Bar, but it must just be something to do with the type of beverage these places specialise in, because the Carpathia Rooftop Champagne Bar/Restaurant is feast of beauty! Not only is the venue itself very plush, but the terrace gives you a breathe taking view of the city. This is the perfect location for a romantic special occasion, at which a glass of bubbly is obligatory. There is a wide array to choose from, champagne based cocktails and a sumptuous looking food menu. Guys, and gals, this will seriously increase your date game, even if it does decrease the size of your wallet. Book your table now via the website.


Cocktails – The Alchemist: 5 Brunswick St, Liverpool L2 0UU

I know that I have mentioned cocktails when talking about other bars on the list, but in my defence that is alcohol specific. If what you’re after is just a cocktail without being fussy about what spirit it is based around then this is the place for you. The Alchemist is relatively new to the city but has already developed a strong reputation for flamboyant cocktails, from cocktails with candy floss (I know) to a good old fashioned…Old Fashioned. These extravagant beverages feel right at home in their extravagant surroundings. Give The Alchemist a LIKE on Facebook here.


Tequila – El Bandito: 41b Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BX


Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can it not be Ca Va?! I know, I know, and it almost was, but bear with me. This list is to get people trying places that they wouldn’t have known about before, and everyone knows Ca Va, don’t they? So, if the marinated tequilas that they serve have already graced your lips, then head down to El Bandito, next door to Santa Chupitos. This place used to be more of a speakeasy bar, however, due to popularity it seems to have flung its doors wide open to the passing public every night. For tequila lovers, all the fuss isn’t about nothing! More info on the El Bandito website here.


Absinthe – Some Place: 43 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4AZ


That’s not a cop out, that’s the bars name. Located next to, and above, Zanzibar, this place will leave you with a real green eyed gloss after a few drinks. Absinthe isn’t for the faint hearted; however this place does a great job of accommodating for those less…tolerant. I myself was one of those, but still managed to get a great absinthe based cocktail which didn’t have the strong taste of the green fairy, but still…did the job, if you know what I mean. Give the guys a follow no twitter for regular updates here.





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