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10 things you’ll only know if you’re already addicted to Love Island

5 years ago

10 things you’ll only know if you’re already addicted to Love Island

If you’re uncontactable from 9pm, you’ve got it bad.

Who knew there would be life after Game of Thrones? TV is actually pretty amazing right now with drama like Years and Years and the highly anticipated return of Killing Eve, but there’s one show that has us hooked, every. single. year.

Love Island is off to a dramatic start and although you told yourself you wouldn’t get sucked in again this year, like us, you’re likely already knee-deep in villa politics and watching the outtakes online. Curtis teaching the lads to salsa! From the low-key shade throwing, to the legit love stories, there’s something about this show that keeps glued to our screens at 9pm every night. Go on, who’s your fave so far?

Here’s 10 things you’ll only know if you’re addicted to Love Island….

1. If you’re not in front of the TV at 9pm, you’re not happy

Even though you’re late for everything else in your life, you miraculously always manage to be parked on the sofa for the opening credits of Love Island. Nothing can stand between you and the dramz.

2. You’ve already got your favourite

You’re rooting for Curtis and Amy to make it in the outside world, and you melt into a puddle every time Tommy Fury and his dreamy eyes appear on screen. You’ve also angrily tweeted ITV2 that Yewande isn’t getting enough airtime and the producers simply must try harder to find our gal a suitable match.

3. And your least favourite

Let’s just say, we’ve grown a deep dislike for a certain Scottish housemate and his cringeworthy chat up lines

4. You spend your working day looking at Love Island memes

Even though you should be answering those hundreds of emails piling up in your inbox, you can’t help having a cheeky scroll through Twitter during the day. Let’s face it, you don’t want to miss any crucial banter.

5. Saturday is the worst day of the week

You used to look forward to the weekend, but now you’ve grown to deeply despise it. You’d think six nights a week would be more than enough to see you through, but a day without Love Island is simply torture.

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6. You’re invested in the Joe, Lucy and Tommy drama

Will Tommy make a move on the new islander? Will Joe’s jealously reach new levels? Will Lucie ever make her mind up? We can’t wait to find out…

8. You’ve started following the cast members on Instagram

After each episode ends, the sensible thing would be to get into bed and forget all about it until tomorrow. Instead, you spend another few hours sat on the sofa scrolling through the contestants’ feeds and liking their old photos from 2015. Who needs a social life anyway?

9. Your Whatsapp group chats are now just chat about the villa

You feel sorry for your mates that don’t watch Love Island, because they have a whole six weeks of tedious commentary to sit through. It’s probably a good idea to distance yourself until the summer is over – any pals who don’t watch Love Island are basically dead to you now.

10. You’ve started saying, ‘It is what it is’

Work meetings, relationship advice, phone calls to your parents… the Love Island lingo (which will never compare to ‘it’s wanna them isn’t it?’ has still managed to infiltrate your life in a big way.

Let’s call it what it is though and agree, we’d never be caught dead calling someone a ‘bev’, it means something entirely different round here! 

Are you Liverpool’s biggest Love Island fan? We want to know how far you go to watch all the action from the island. Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share the best on our socials.




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