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8 top tips to stop you getting sore feet at Aintree Races this weekend

5 years ago

8 top tips to stop you getting sore feet at Aintree Races this weekend

You’ve got the fabulous races outfit checklist all ticked off and you’re ready to head to Aintree – but don’t forget it’s going to be a long, long day.

Factor in a Champagne breakfast start – and why wouldn’t you? – then dinner and a few drinks after the last race, and you’re looking at upwards of 12 hours on your feet at Aintree Races.

And not just standing … standing in high heels!

Don’t forget first off, enter this year’s Style Award on Ladies Day. Our very own Jay Hynd is a judge this year and The Guide Liverpool is media partner for the contest. All the info on what you need to do to enter the Style Award is here.

So back to the feet thing, we must stress that no matter how sore your feet do get, the good people at Merseyrail won’t let you do that trip home in your bare feet, they will be handing out free flip-flops for anyone who is struggling, so pick up yours on your way out (or in!)

There are a few other ways to make sure you avoid, or at least reduce, the pain of aching feet at Aintree below too.

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Here are our top 8 tips for staying the distance…

Break in new shoes before you go

Even though you know it’s the worst possible idea, you’ve got new straight-out-of-the-box heels to wear because you’ve spent a small fortune on your dress so there’s no way you’re making do with shoes that have ever been seen before. New shoes spell potential disaster, but you can save the situation by breaking them in first. Find out where they might rub by wearing them around the house and if you want to create a bit of breathing space, try wearing socks to stretch them a little.

Ice ice maybe?

If you think your shoes are still going to be a bit tight, fill a couple of ziplock bags with water, put one in each shoe then pop them in the freezer for 4-8 hours. The water will expand as it freezes and so will the shoes, then just take them out to warm up again and remove the bags.

Go with a blow

Hairdryers aren’t just for hair – they can rescue a pair of tight shoes too. Give the shoes a blast of warm air, especially on areas where they feel tightest, and then give them a little massage to soften them up.

Try a gel cushioned insole

Putting an insole inside each shoe will help absorb the shock on the balls of your feet and act as a buffer between your foot and the ground so you’ll avoid the awful burning sensation of too much pressure. Try them on with an insole in before you leave the house, though, because they can make shoes feel a bit more snug.

Roll on deodorant wherever you think they’ll rub

If you know there’s an area that’s likely to rub, put some roll-on or stick deodorant or Vaseline on it. It’ll not only smell nice, which is a bonus, it’ll help stop the fiction that causes blisters – remember, ladies, bleeding feet are not a great races look.

Tape up your toes

This is pro heel wearers favourite tip – it first came out of New York Fashion Week – tape together your third and fourth toes (a plaster will be OK, but nude medical tape is best). Sounds weird, and feels a bit weird too, but it works. Apparently there’s a nerve between those two toes and taping them together takes the pressure off the nerve and so cuts down the pain. 

The thicker the better 

Try to avoid thin-soled shoes if you can because the less there is between your foot and the ground, the more likely you are to end up in pain.

Emergency flip-flops

OK, they’re not exactly as glam as the heels, but a pair of fold-up ballet flats or flip-flops will be a lifesaver for the journey back into town. Just make sure someone has a bag big enough to fit them in – and take a deep breath when you finally do swap back. Sorry, but short of plunging them in an ice bucket first, there’s no easy way to get swollen feet back into heels for the rest of the night. Just grit your teeth and repeat after us … no pain no gain (and I’m up on winnings so who cares if my feet look like hooves?)

Keep up to date with everything Aintree with us over the next couple of days here, and get following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for regular updates from the Randox Health Grand National Festival 2019.

By Dawn Collinson, Copy Media



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