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Forensics expert to explore the minds of murderers at Warrington’s Parr Hall venue


A former forensics lecturer is coming to Parr Hall to put the minds of murderers under the scalpel in ‘The Psychology of Serial Killers’.

Jennifer Rees will be in Warrington on Tuesday, 30 August, to explore the much asked question: Why do people become serial killers?

In an evening that will be as chilling as it is fascinating, Jennifer will untangle many of the myths around some of the most notorious killers and explain how they can be classified.

She will also investigate the phenomenon of killer couples such as Fred and Rose West and The Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and reflect on why many people find these infamous characters intriguing.

Parr Hall

In fact, part of the show will turn the focus back on the audience to ask: Why are we so fascinated with serial killers in light of their atrocious crimes? Jennifer will show people intently interested in true crime are not as unusual as they may think.

Having previously worked as a forensics lecturer, Jennifer taught criminology, crime scene investigation and forensic psychology in both further and higher education before becoming a public speaker.

She has also prepped police recruits on interviewing techniques and dealt with suspects, witnesses and victims.

Parr Hall

Having trained in counselling and psychotherapy, Jennifer worked on the board of trustees for a charity which provided counselling services to at-risk youths and was selected for the Youth Health Parliament to write a whitepaper recommendation for the NHS on mental health provision.

The Psychology of Serial Killers is at Parr Hall on Tuesday, 30 August.

Book tickets for this Parr Hall event here or call the Box Office on 01925 442345.

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