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Liverpool is the most superstitious city according to new survey

7 months ago

Liverpool is the most superstitious city according to new survey

As we approach the eerie All Hallows Eve, the supernatural stirs, and superstitions awaken from their slumber. The shadows grow longer, the winds colder, and the spirits are now even more… restless.

Did you know that Liverpool is one of the most superstitious cities in the UK? It’s true, and we’ve got the spooky details.

Don’t tempt fate under the ladder

Picture this: You’re walking down the eeriest alley, and there it is, a ladder leading up to a world unknown. The survey revealed that “walking under a ladder brings bad luck” is the UK’s most widely believed superstition.

Over a third (34.4%) of Brits believe it’s true.

This superstition dates back centuries, the space under a ladder is supposedly a resting place for malevolent spirits.

You wouldn’t want to disturb those right? Thus, the superstition was born, keeping us all safely on the other side of the ladder!

Credit: TopRatedCasino
Credit: TopRatedCasino

The curse of the indoor umbrella

Next up the dreaded indoor umbrella! Pretty sure everyone’s nan has shouted at them for attempting this.

For many, opening an umbrella indoors is like inviting the rain inside.

A staggering 44% of women believe it’s unlucky, while only 20% of men are in agreement.

But where does this peculiar superstition hail from?… Get it? Ok that was bad… Some say it’s a signal to the rain gods that we’re ready for a downpour. And with our notorious rainy reputation, who can blame us for being cautious?

So, the next time you contemplate opening that umbrella by the door, you might want to think twice!

See a Penny, Pick it Up!

But wait, there’s more! It seems that plenty of us still believe in the old saying, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.”

This charming superstition, embraced by 33.5% of people, remains a treasured tradition to this day.

The original phrase was supposedly “see a pin and pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.”

This was a reference to a pagan ritual in which a pin could be used in a good luck spell. The myth was that a dropped pin might have been used in such a spell and would provide good luck to the person who found it.

So, the next time you spot a shiny penny winking at you from the pavement, remember to scoop it up and bask in the aura of good fortune.

You never know what magic it might bring to your day!

The survey was conducted by TopRatedCasinos.

Are you superstitious? If you’re wanting all things Halloween, check out our ultimate guide HERE.



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