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Liverpool loving Seattle band performing at O2 Academy this month

1 year ago

Liverpool loving Seattle band performing at O2 Academy this month

USA band Skating Polly is ditching the Mancs in favour of Scouse humour, Liverpool’s electric nightlife, and the city’s top vegan scran on March 10th at O2 Academy.

Every music fan in Merseyside knows the late night train ride back from Manchester as our fave bands bypass Liverpool in favour of Manchester arenas. But not unmissable breakthrough Seattle trio Skating Polly. Unmissable femme-grunge outfit, from the capital city of grunge, is made up of siblings Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse, and Kurtis Mayo. They have been making waves in the music industry with their raw punk attitude and exceptional talent for some time, but remain somewhat under the radar, in Liverpool.

Skating Polly is the kind of band that doesn’t hold back, mixing melody with a cacophony of raw power and fiery poetry these Oklahoma rockers have been leading the feminist-punk charge since 2009.

Kelli was just 9 and Peyton 14 when they started the band, but their music has always been full of attitude – even more so, now there three – with their brother adding fuel to the fire on drums since 2017.

Skating Polly

Their style is what they call “Ugly Pop,” a deliciously subversive mix of punk, indie, and pop influences that recall the best of L7, Hole, and The Pixies, with a hint of catchy pop thrown in for good measure. It’s loud, it’s in-your-face, and it’s antsy as hell.

Skating Polly has a massive back catalogue and a well-deserved reputation for delivering sizzling live shows that leave audiences breathless. They are unapologetic and fierce, bringing their brand of musical mayhem to the stage every time they perform.

Skating Polly recently spilled the beans on why they love Scousers – ad why they chose to play in Liverpool instead of Manchester.

When asked about their influences, their response was straightforward: “Well, the obvious one is certainly The Beatles. But we also love Echo & The Bunnymen and have even covered Half Man Half Biscuit! But fans of punk and 90s grunge will find a lot to love in their sound. The band’s raw, unapologetic attitude and angst-filled lyrics are reminiscent of grunge bands like Nirvana and Hole, while their melodic sensibilities and catchy hooks are reminiscent of the riot grrrl movement. Skating Polly’s music is a fresh take on these classic genres, combining their influences with their own unique style and personal experiences to create something truly special. For fans and riot grrrl,

Skating Polly are a must-listen band that captures the spirit of these iconic movements while forging their own path in the music industry.

The band’s love for Liverpool’s music scene is evident, and they are excited to explore more local bands on their visit to the city on March 10th.

Skating Polly’s last gig in Liverpool was at popular city centre venue Jimmy’s, where they experienced Liverpool’s lively and passionate music scene firsthand.

“Last time we played Jimmy’s, and everyone putting on the show was lovely, and the crowd was ELECTRIC.”

But the trio is looking for the heads up on some cool bands to catch this time around – they’re especially eager to get behind the girl bands.

With International Women’s Day approaching, Kelli had something to say about misogyny in music, encouraging young women to stand their ground and show the world their unique perspective.

“You don’t have to be polite to people who are making you uncomfortable,”

Kelli reminded girls that “you don’t have to keep playing shows with men who talk down to you and make you feel less than or too dumb to be on their level,” she elaborated.

The band’s experience with misogyny and sexism in the industry is not uncommon, and they hope to empower young women who want to enter the music industry.

“Sound guys actively f****ng up our sound because they don’t think we’ve earned the right to an opinion on how we should sound. Men who are opening for us being straight up bitter and hostile because they have to open for women. People pinning my success on my gender.”

Kelli continued to reel off without much thought – a sign of the very real and every common problem.

“Men getting handsy with me in the crowd and at the merch table. Older men in the industry dangling help in front of me in exchange for some fed up sexual power dynamic with me. People constantly comparing and trying to pit me against other women. Including my sister and bandmate Peyton!”

And she had some stellar advice for young talented young women in Liverpool who want to get in a band or be part of the music industry, she responded,

“Just be you and own it and show the world who you are.”

It’s not just the music scene they love. The trio told us they dig Liverpool’s friendly people and humour, promising fans they would put on an unforgettable gig experience for Scouse fans – old and new.

“Everyone is just super kind and funny. We have really great support in Liverpool. Fans go above and beyond to get the word out that we’re playing. And our crowd was so enthusiastic last year, I feel like the fanbase there is very appreciative,” they said.

OK, everyone’s thinking it. That all-important question, can they understand Scouse?

“Yes! I feel like I’m pretty good with Liverpool accents. Sometimes some funny language barriers have come up. Like not realising you guys call panties “pants” and we call trousers “pants” and that once made for an extremely awkward conversation with Kate Nash’s bandmates.”

Kelli also shared her love for the Liverpool food scene, and wants to try more when she’s in town.

“Last time we went to a delicious vegan restaurant…But I haven’t gotten to try a lot of places yet! We would love some recommendations?”

Skating Polly’s commitment to their music and their fans has earned them a dedicated following around the world. Their punk attitude and exceptional talent have seen them evolve as a band, while still staying true to their roots.

The band has released several critically acclaimed albums and has collaborated with artists such as Veruca Salt’s Louise Post and Nina Gordon, Exene Cervenka of X, and punk icon Mike Watt. Their Liverpool gig promises to be a night to remember for fans of punk music. with a raw energy that will electrify the scouse scene.

And their choice to play in Liverpool is a testament to their appreciation of the city and it’s people.

Skating Polly’s visit to Liverpool is part of their European tour, that includes dates in city’s such as Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam and they promise to leave a lasting impression on Liverpool fans, Kelli says:

“I will be grinning from ear to ear. I will be kicking and jumping. Me and Pey will sing our hearts out. We will play new songs and old. It’ll get noisy and it’ll get sweet and intimate and quiet.

If you’re a fan of grunge, punk, and anything in between , don’t miss out on this unmissable opportunity to see Skating Polly in Liverpool on March 10th at the O2 Academy.

Tickets are available on the O2 Academy 2 website or by contacting the venue directly. Get ready for a night of high-energy punk rock and a truly unforgettable experience with Skating Polly.



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