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Review: Bubbles World of Play, New Brighton


Summer hols seem like a year ago don’t they! It’s now back to finding new and exciting things to do to keep the little people entertained at the weekends. So this week I lumped my three into the car and we headed off for a morning of energetic mayhem at Bubbles World of Play in New Brighton.

You really can’t miss this place, the purpose built building sits smack bang in the middle of the sea front at New Brighton, and a huge bonus is super close, designated free parking. (Plus I’m sure the spaces are a tiny bit wider than usual making it much easier to get the kids and all their stuff out of the car!)
The first thing to note is that the layout is brilliant. From the large seating area you can see all the play areas plus toilets and café area. For added peace of mind there is a TV screen showing four different camera feeds within the soft play frame too.


Bubbles World of Play - The Guide Liverpool
There were lots of staff on hand from booking in at reception to keeping the queue short at the cafe ordering food. All were friendly, professional and had a genuine smile for the kids. They are also prolific in ensuring the toilet and baby changing facilities are checked regularly and the café tables cleared ready for the next family.
The kids are spoiled for choice here. Under 3’s have a large area with sensory lights and bubbles, ball pits, a massive road map and rocking taxi’s (sounds mad but they’re so cool) This area is reassuringly manned by staff so that even the tiniest of babies can roll about safely.

Sensory Zone

Sensory Zone

The under 5’s section rated the highest among my rabble. The New York themed soft play area features a police station and jail, garage and coffee shop and cinema. I was delighted to see my three (ages 10, 4 and 1…sneaked the eldest in…but she’s a good kid….honest) playing together for the first time in ages. As adults are actively encouraged to join in, I was put in soft-play prison far more than I deserved and routinely ran off into the bigger section to hide.

Bubbles World of Play
The HUMONGOUS 5 story play frame that makes up the under 12’s section is not like anything I’ve seen at a soft play centre before. Every section has an educational value to it, from world cities, to different languages and cultures, if the kids stand still long enough they actually learn something! We were delighted to discover hidden Egyptian doorways, flamenco dancers and one of the biggest and bumpiest slides in the North West.

The Slide

The Slide

Bubbles World of Play Review
I finally managed to sit them down for a slushy and some food. The menu has a great range of dishes and the centre boasts a 5* hygiene rating which again is an added bonus when it comes to eating out with little people!
Exhausted after 2 hours running around and munching on a delicious lunch, we gratefully accepted our stickers and were snoozing before we even got to the tunnel.
Thank you so much to all the staff for making our trip so much fun!
5/5 from The Guide Liverpool!
Check out Bubbles World of Play on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter here for details on admission and parties.

Also visit Bubbles World of Play’s website here


By Kate Reilly James

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Bubbles World of Play

Bubbles the Panda

Bubbles the Panda



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