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Shirley Ballas and Daniel Taylor to perform for Care Home residents with Smiling Sessions


Strictly’s Shirley Ballas and her partner Danny Taylor are upcoming guests on a charity project called The Smiling Sessions who have been performing virtual sing-a-longs for care home residents throughout the pandemic.

In a special session for Valentine’s Day, Shirley & Danny will be singing ‘Islands in the Stream’ as it’s the first song Danny ever sang to Shirley.

Daniel Taylor

Danny Taylor is a local actor, singer and songwriter from Liverpool famous for his roles in Blood Brothers and Lennon Through a Glass Onion. Him and Shirley have been in a relationship for nearly two years with Shirley recently telling the Guide Liverpool:

“It’s been marvellous, I’m the happiest in my private life I’ve ever been. He is so grounded, he’s so down to earth, he’s so kind, so loving, he’s so complimentary; he doesn’t use bad language, he never shouts, he doesn’t scream at me… all those things that I’ve had in the past.

“He loves every single part of me, flaws and all, and he is just a really kind person to everybody, and I love that about him.”

Other celebrities that have taken part so far include Brian McFadden, KT Tunstall, Daniel O’Donnell, Natasha Hamilton and Christopher Biggins. You can watch the performances on the smiling sessions web app here.

Natasha Hamilton Smiling Session

The Smiling Sessions are run by a charity who usually go into care homes or sheltered accomodation for the elderly each week and host sing-a-longs for the residents. Throughout the pandemic they had celebrities dropping in to participate virtually and now The Smiling Sessions are back for a third season.
This project is highlighting the benefits of singing to health and well being – with research suggesting that listening to or singing songs can provide emotional and behavioural benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia there are numerous health benefits of this wonderful project as well as providing some much needed fun and light relief at this current time.

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