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The Liverpool Foodie gives us his top ten Liverpool dishes right now

3 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

The Liverpool Foodie gives us his top ten Liverpool dishes right now

The Liverpool Foodie really does know his stuff about food in the city, so it was only right that we asked him to unveil his favourite dishes right now. And these aren’t any dishes, these are the dishes he thinks we should all be eating, and all be talking about.

Follow The Liverpool Foodie now on Instagram here and keep up to date with his regular foodie updates for the city.

1. East River - The Good Bowl

East River on Allerton Road has been a firm favourite with the locals since its opening in 2019. Inspired by the cocktail bars and delicatessens of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, owner Josh Roberts has created something for everyone. Whether that’s starting an evening of drinks the right way (with their famous Mile High Clover Club cocktail), having a ball with their bottomless brunch, or simply going to enjoy the boss atmosphere and having some amazing food  to compliment it. They have recently launched their new menu, since opening post lockdown, and I have to admit… I am living for it! 

With the craze of the Buddha Bowl that became popular in the Foodie scene circa. 2017, East River have taken this concept and completely BOSSED it! Foodie Friends, I give you The Good Bowl. Now everyone who follows my page will know, healthy is not my bag baby! But this is literally full of all the healthy stuff that I absolutely LURVE! Packed with Sweet Potato, Tender-stem Broccoli, Couscous, Chopped Salad, Crispy Kale & Slaw, this dish is perfect on a sunny day, if you’re after an alternative to a regular boring salad, Or even if, like me, you’re just into it. As the Guys say themselves “Only Good Vibes with The Good Bowl”. It’s customisable for a surcharge as well, so with every trip, you can mix it up and never have the same dish twice in a row (if you’re one of them creatures of habit). You can add; Sea Bass, Pan-fried Prawns, Grilled Chicken, Minute Steak, Halloumi, Soy-glazed Tofu, and Boiled Egg. 

Don’t just take my word for it. Get down and check it out for yourself. They are available to Eat-in, Takeaway Collection & Delivery. Follow them on Instagram: @EastRiverLpool and on Facebook: East River. 

2. Delifonseca - Po' Boy

Delifonseca Dockside – a Foodies Aladdin’s cave! These guys have been a family favourite since they opened their first site on Stanley Street in 2006. So as you can imagine, when they launched their Deli/Restaurant practically over the road from my home in 2010, I was nothing short of MADE UP! I don’t think I’ve met anyone with a passion for good food like Candice Fonseca, and it truly shows in all aspects of her business! I love nothing more than to dine/shop somewhere when the owner/staff LOVE what they are doing, and are passionate to share that with everyone else, and if you haven’t had Tom pick out a good vino for you, you are completely missing out!

Now to the important part… The Food! The menu can change seasonally, however, a firm favourite always remains… The Po’ Boy! A Hot Baguette filled with Slow Roasted Beef and Roasting Juices, dressed with Chopped Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise. This comes served with the most amazing Chunky Homemade Chips (psssst ask for a bit of their Aioli to dip them in… you won’t regret it).  The restaurant had a refurb in 2019 and it is looking stunning!  But you can also get this to takeaway, so whether you want to eat it over-looking the docks, or bomb it back to yours, it will be hands down one of the best sandwiches you have ever had!

THE Deli (as we like to call it) is literally a 5minute walk from Brunswick train station, and 1mile from the city centre. Go and check them out on Instagram: @DelifonsecaDockside and Facebook: Delifonseca

The team is still providing a local delivery service for the Deli to those still in need during the current times to the following post codes: L1, L2, L3, L7, L8, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L24, L25, L26 Mon – Sat.
The charge is £5 for orders over £50 and £10 for orders under £50

3. Carlisi - Bruschetta Manchego

Mi Amore – Carlisi – I’ve been obsessed with Carlisi since they opened their doors in August 2018. Owners Alessio & Federico Carlisi provide an authentic Italian experience right in the heart of our beautiful city.  They are a modern Italian-fusion concept bar who provide amazing food, fantastic cocktails, and the best Apperitivo I have had outside of Italy. These guys really know their stuff, they use locally sourced ingredients as well as having some of Italy’s best produce sent over. It’s a boss place to meet up with friends for lunch, having a few bevs, even just popping in for a coffee (which is spot on by the way)!

Carlisi offers food for breakfast lunch and dinner with Lite bites and Salads, to Bagels & Waffles, to traditional Lasagne and their stunning Cannoli for afters. But… their Bruschetta Bar is where I would like to draw your attention to right now. The Bruschetta Manchego is just one of the many bruschetta available, but this little beauty consists of Toasted Sourdough Bread with Parma Ham, Manchego Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes & Balsamic Vinegar. You can taste the quality of the produce, I know its simple but, like all great Italian dishes, the best always are! Great for eating in or takeaway and if you work around the financial district of town, this is great for lunch! 

The team are always very attentive and genuinely appreciate you as a customer, they love what they do and they are very good at it. Go and treat yourself to one of these gorgeous bruschetta and find out for yourself just how good they are. 

(Hint: Their Spritz menu goes very well with these… which Spritz? Any!).

You can keep up to date with Carlisi on Instagram and Facebook. 

4. Bone n' Block - Ham Hock Crumpet

In 2019 Graffiti Spirits Group presented us with Duke Street Market, but more importantly opened a door and allowed us to say a big “Hiya” to Bone and Block! A meat based concept who use ethically sourced meat from UK farmers in their stunning dishes. Harry (the brains behind Bone and Block) has worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years, and his food is nothing short of sublime. You can order their Himalayan Salt Aged Meat online in one of their bundles or separately, you can also purchase Kitchen Essentials like professional chef knives and tongs. 

Let’s take a moment and just appreciate this breakfast masterpiece. The Ham Hock Crumpet. A twist on the classic Eggs Benedict the Ham Hock Crumpet consists of a Toasted Crumpet topped with Ham Hock, Sherry Vinegar, Paprika Hollandaise, and a Poached Egg. If you are going for breakfast or brunch in town this dish is a MUST! Gone are the days of the boring over done Eggs Benny… The Ham Hock Crumpet is here to save breakfast for everyone! Unfortunately due to the current Covid Crisis, Duke Street Market has postponed being open for breakfast until, we believe, September 2020. As soon as this is available you need to get yourselves down there to try it!

For more information don’t forget to follow the guys on Instagram: @BoneAndBlock & @DukeStreetMarket and for their online shop you can visit www.boneandblock.com 

5. Churrasco Steakhouse - Baked Steakhouse Eggs

How d’ya like your eggs in the morning??? With a massive chunk of steak obviously!! Churrasco Steakhouse has been open for just over five years and already owner Graeme Parry has generated an amazing reputation for the company, they have recently been voted Top 7 Best Place To Eat Steak In The UK! How incredible is that! As well as offering their Breakfast/Brunch Menu (available Friday – Sunday 10am-2pm), they also have a versatile evening menu. The Steak-Stone is something to watch out for!

But I am here right now to tell you about the Baked Steakhouse Eggs – Rich Homemade Tomato Salsa, topped with Goats Cheese, baked with Two Eggs, and finished with succulent sliced Rump Steak. Churrasco’s take on a traditional Shaksuka really packs a punch with these flavours, there’s nothing better than spreading this all over a perfect slice of Thick Cut Toast! 

Located at the bottom end of Lark Lane and just a 5-10 minute walk from St Michaels Train Station, there’s no excuse not to get yourselves down on the weekend and experience this one of a kind brunch sensation! Churrasco has something for everyone (pssst…. I know this is cheating, but I had French Toast for a brunch dessert… and it was wonderful!) 

Go and check them out on Instagram: @Churrasco_Steakhouse and                      Facebook: Churrasco Steakhouse and see for yourself how truly amazing this place is!

6. WonTon - Handmade Soup Dumplings

Have you all seen the new kid on the block? Wonton is now open on Ranelagh Street and it is everything we ever needed, even if you didn’t know it! Owner & Chef Chris Brown (the brains behind Gourmet Social) provides us with a taste of Asian cuisine that is explosive with flavour. Using both sites, they use profits from the restaurants to sustain their charity Holiday Hunger Liverpool . HHL provides meals for local kids, who rely on free school meals, during the holiday periods. 

So, when you’re down there, supporting an independent and an amazing charity, don’t forget to order yourself the Handmade Soup Dumplings! Handmade by a local Chinese family exclusively for the restaurant, these little bundles of pure happiness are filled with Pork or Prawn and are honestly my favourite dish here (pssst! Ask for the house-made sauce to go with them too, it comes with the Sui Mai & Wonton’s and it is unreal). I also have to mention how much I love the fact that they use Kwok Wing Foods Malaysian Chilli Sauce to accompany their Dim Sum as well, another firm established in Liverpool, this sauce has had a place in our fridge longer than I can remember, if you haven’t had a Sui Mai with a Malaysian Chilli sauce before… Give your head a wobble! 

Gone now are the days of the plastic tasting foods from chain Wok establishments (naming no names…) Wonton are here to save the day! They also offer smaller portions on their To Go Menu as well as being available on Uber Eats. 

Go and check them out on Instagram: @Wonton_To_Go and also check out Holiday Hunger Liverpool @Holiday_Hunger 

7. Chop Chop - Mega Chicken

If you know, you know! Chop Chop, what seemed like Liverpool’s best kept secret is now a fully fledged dine in restaurant. Due to its ever increasing popularity Chop Chop extended themselves, and now they are bigger and better than ever. Located over the road from the Slaughterhouse on Fenwick Street. Chop Chop offers up Korean Fusion cuisine that is unlike anything in our city!

Two Words… MEGA CHICKEN. That is all… well its not, but that should be all you need to know. Breaded Katsu Chicken on a bed of either Rice or Noodles I can’t stress the importance of how much you need to try this! The owner, Mr Lee, describes this special sauce as Sticky, Spicy & Sweet. It is a one of a kind, a masterpiece, an absolute must have for all Korean food lovers… Scratch that… An absolute must have for everyone!

Something which I haven’t tried yet, but I definitely need to, is the Mega Chicken Bento Box. This comes with Mega Chicken, Rice, Fried Kimchi, and 3 Gyozas. Sounds and looks absolutely incredible, everyone needs a Gyoza in their life as a little side to this phenomenal dish! If you’re still working in the office it is perfect for a Lunch2Go on humpday to get you through the woes of the muggle job!

Go and check them out on Instagram: @ChopChopLiverpool 

Mega Chicken and the team at Chop Chop are waiting for you! 

8. Free State Kitchen - Buffalo Hot Wings

Deciding to set up Free State Kitchen after travelling to the US, and loving the diversity and humbleness of the classic American diner, owners Kate & Gary Hughes have created a restaurant with a contemporary twist on the American Classics. Offering a no-fuss, honest menu with quality and locality at its heart, they have been THE family favourite of ours since they first opened their doors seven years ago.  Their core menu takes inspiration from Maryland (like the street they are on) which is known as the Free State. Their Garden also plays a huge role, not only is it stunning to have a nice Gin out there on a lovely day, but also allows them to grow their own produce. Using the apples in their Apple Pie and also the herbs and veg to use in their salads. 

Crunchy, Juicy, Spicy… Who needs a Colonel? NO ONE if you’ve had these wonderful wings from Free State Kitchen! We all know that FSK offer up the best burgers (personal opinion) in Liverpool, but if you have never ordered these Buffalo Hot Wings as a side… you’re doing it all wrong! So next time when the server asks “would you like any sides?” Your answer will be “Yes please… The Liverpool Foodie mentioned something about Hot Wings?” – The rest will be History. 

Hot & Spicy Buttermilk marinated Chicken Wings, these little guys really pack a punch, they come with a Blue Cheese Sauce and Celery Sticks. You can get them in Small, Large, or Extra Large portions, so these are great as a starter or sharer. 

Go and check them out on Instagram: @FSKLiverpool and Facebook: Free State Kitchen Liverpool. Grab your Wingman and head on down to try these out yourself! (Hint. Keep an eye out for their Specials Board… it is not to be missed). 

9. The Italian Fish Club - Club Fish Hot Skillet

The Italian Club Fish is without a doubt, I believe, the best Italian experience in the city. The quality of the produce, every dish cooked to absolute perfection, and the overall family feeling of their superior hospitality. If you haven’t gathered by now, I love them! 

Octopus has got to be one of my favourite proteins for a dish. It is the one thing I will look for on a menu, and if it is done well… You will hold a special place in my heart, just like this… the Club Fish Hot Skillet Grilled Octopus, Calamari, Grilled Scallops and King Prawns, with New Potatoes, Chilli & Garlic Butter, served on a Hot Skillet. OH MY GOD, this was just insane! My normal go to dish was the Spaghetti Alla Chitarra All’Astice (Lobster Spaghetti), but having noticed this little stunner on the menu I don’t think I will be looking back, now I am not normally a creature of habit, I will try different stuff all the time if I return to the same restaurant… But it is going to be VERY hard to say no to this! 

So if you fancy an authentic Italian experience and some of the best seafood around (non-fish dishes are also available for the fussy eaters, try the Carbonara!) then head over to their website www.theitalianclubfamily.com or check out their Instagram on: @theitalianclubfish.

10. The Brunch Club - Chorizo Scrambled Eggs

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is “Where should I go for brekkie in town?” BRUNCH CLUB, no hesitation, it is the first thing I think of when I think “breakfast in the city”. I mean to be fair the options are endless for good a breakfast in Liverpool nowadays, but if you haven’t been to The Brunch Club on Duke Street you must MUST go! 

If there is one thing I am passionate about on a breakfast, it’s a good scrambled egg, and The Brunch Club certainly delivers on that. Chorizo Scrambled Eggs topped with Onion Jam and Goats Cheese, this is honestly explosive with flavour and something you should be ordering when you visit the restaurant. 

Breakfast and Brunch is served until 4pm daily and then the restaurant doubles as one of the trendiest bars Liverpool has to offer. Serving Gin Tree’s… Yes you heard me… Gin Tree’s (Gin Balloons served in an ornate tree) and delicious cocktails until late! 

So there’s no excuse for settling for an average breakfast, go and check out the guys on Instagram and Facebook.

Get yourselves booked in and enjoy one of the best Brekkies the City of Liverpool has to offer. 


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