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The Oracle is a new bar that is bringing magic to Liverpool


The Oracle on Duke Street is now open for business and they are bringing magic to Liverpool.

The Oracle is an old fashioned cocktail bar with a difference, there are close-up magicians performing at your table. They’re all about quality drinks and unique, deceptive entertainment.

Located in Liverpool City Centre at 92 Duke Street, The Oracle is located on the second floor of an 18th century merchant’s house. Inspired by the atmosphere of a victorian gambling den, the bar’s features include an opulent marble fireplace and 18th century wooden floorboards, all finished with dim lighting and cosy soft furnishings.


The Oracle serves an extensive menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails along with beer and wine. The Pornstar Martini is so enchanting it can set your soul on fire and the Smokey Old Fashioned is so silky smooth that it’s a must-try for any crooked card player.

All of The Oracle’s drinks are made to order using the best fresh ingredients, while their team of incredible close-up magicians move from table to table performing world-class sleight of hand and psychological techniques to astound even the most earnest of guests. It really must be seen to be believed.

They come from all around with a desire to meet The Oracle. After one drink you see things as you wish they were. Another drop, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they truly are.

The visitors who arrive in search of truth must first be deceived. Look for the lantern, its bewitching glow welcomes all. Prepare yourself however, for you approach the Devil’s door.

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Find out more about The Oracle here.

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