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Marco Pierre White reveals the secret to a great pie ahead of British Pie Week in March


Food lovers will be licking their lips in anticipation during the first week of March which has become well known as being British Pie Week!

With the date just around the corner, renowned restaurateur Marco Pierre White believes the great British public should now give, what is regarded as one of the country’s favourite dishes, some much-needed appreciation.

And with there being a move to more plant-based dishes, the famed chef believes that despite the change in tastes, there still remains a lot of interest in more traditional foods and is where the humble pie is holding its own.

With pies potentially losing out to the new wave of eating habits, the no nonsense restaurateur is keen to point out that he will not be taking pies off any of his restaurant menus anytime soon such as his Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie and The English House Chicken & Leek Pie.

He said: “Britain is a pie loving nation and there is a wide variety of flavours and types dating back centuries and means pies will definitely remain on offer for my customers at my Steakhouse Bar and Grill in Liverpool.

“There’s a story behind almost every pie with most recipes originating from the working classes around the 1700s and 1800s.

“Cottage pie, shepherd’s pie and fish pie always come high on people’s favourite lists, while chicken and mushroom pie is another English classic from the 1800s. I’d also add in there Lancashire hot pot, steak and ale pie and Oxtail and kidney pudding.” 

Marco Pierre White

According to Pierre White, the secret to a great pie is using good quality ingredients and are so versatile, can be made from almost anything depending on taste.

He added: “Traditionally both Shepherd’s and Cottage Pies were made using leftover roasted meat, either beef or mutton, with mashed potato as a rather ingenious pie crust.

“The use of raw meat is a more recent addition – back in 1791 when the first reference to this most English of dishes was noted, using raw meat would have been unthinkable. Not much can beat a good Shepherd’s Pie and I’ve had it on the menu at many of my restaurants for years.

Marco Pierre White

“It is a dish welcomed by paupers and kings alike and it’s the perfect TV supper dish served with a spoonful or two or peas.

“With so many great pies and recipes out there, it really is down to personal preference or you can just pop in to one of my restaurants and let us do the work.”

For more info, visit the Marco Pierre White restaurants website here.

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